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Kemal-4 by Knobloch's

Kemal-4 is a detergent type degreaser and cleaner that also helps relax the skin. It will soften and relax dried skins in preparation for tanning or mounting. It has a low pH and won't cause hair slippage. It is compatible with most tans.


Skin Prep: Use one ounce of Kemal-4™ to five gallons of water in salt solutions, pickle solutions, and or tan solutions. It helps in a quicker and faster penetration.

Relaxor: Use on ounce of Kemal-4™ to five gallons of water. Leave skin in solution until relaxed, then place skin in salt solution. For skins that are hard to relax, add more Kemal-4™ to the solution. Add one ounce at a time. Wait several hours before adding more.

Degreaser: For skins such as Deer, Antelope, Elk, and Moose using Kemal-4™ in a soak or salt solution should be sufficient. For greasy skins such as Bear, Beaver, Raccoons, and Fox place in a solution of five ounces of Kemal-4™ to five gallons plus one quart of Kerosene or Coleman Fuel after skin is thoroughly shaved. After several hours, rinse in a clean solution of one ounce of Kemal-4™ to five gallons of water.

Cleaner: For general cleaning add one to two ounces of Kemal-4™ to five gallons of water (one cup of ammonia is optional). For badly soiled skins, White Sheep, hair with blood or smoke stains, dilute one part Kemal-4™, one part ammonia and one part water and apply directly to the hair. Let it set for 30 inutes then rinse thoroughly in water.

For heads that are mounted, rinse with hose or sponge out, towel dry and let head dry in a warm, dry area.


Keep Out of the Reach of Children

Notice: The use of this product being subject to conditions beyond the seller's control. Seller makes no warranty of any kind expressed or implied as to this material or its use.

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